Dear Participant,

    A tremendous amount of knowledge has been gained during the last decades about the biosynthetic capacity of plants and the pathways leading to the formation of plant natural products (PNPs), many of which are of high relevance as pharmaceuticals or fine chemicals for industries. To fully exploit the capacity of engineering plants for the production of high value PNPs, the FA1006-COST Action"Plant Metabolic Engineering for High Value Products” will support and enhance a Pan-European network which will amalgamate resources, define target pathways and prioritize compounds, disseminate novel technologies and applications, set standards for computational support, and develop synthetic approaches in plant metabolic engineering. Due to its multidisciplinary approach, this Action will initiate a European network of experienced as well as early stage researchers which will serve as a base for future research collaborations. Outcomes will help guiding researchers in the design of plants as production host and provide the building blocks for pathway engineering. The dialog established within the research community will involve key players in industry, stakeholders, and policy makers guaranteeing the highest momentum for the European research sector as well as the public.

    After a successful 1st Conference held in Murcia, we are honoured and pleased to host the 2nd  COST FA 1006 Conference in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Our university together with The Biotechnology Centre Proplanta, as joined organizers, will provide all logistic facilities for this forum, where diverse experiences scientists on plant natural products (PNP) chemistry, plant metabolic engineering, plant enzymology, systems biology and computational biology, will meet and  share their latest findings, define and develop strategies to produce known and novel PNP of pharmaceutical and industrial interest in a sustainable, economical, and ecological way.

    The city of Cluj-Napoca (Klausenburg) is considered the “heart of Transylvania”, an outstanding university city with more than 100.000 students and 6 universities, ranked as “best ones” at the national level, with modern infrastructure, international collaborations and good travel connections to all European countries, hopefully you’ll find it as a good choice for this Conference.

    We sincerely hope that the 2nd Annual Conference of FA1006-COST "Plant Natural products: from science to bioproducts will be a successful scientific event and a good development of our COST project. Meanwhile it is  warm invitation for you to visit our old  city to enjoy not only our campus facilities but also  the  hospitability of Romania

Looking forward to seeing you in Cluj-Napoca, Romania!