Organizers and sponsors

Conference secretariat

Unit: Agrifood Chemistry and Biochemistry

University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

RO-400372 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Phone: +40 264595825          

             + 40741115673

Fax: +40 264593792           


Responsibles of  the Organizing committee

Prof.dr. Doru PAMFIL – rector & Prof. dr. Carmen SOCACIU, vicerector, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

 Local members of Conference secretariat

Dr. Adela Pintea, Dr.Andreea Bunea,  Dr. Cristina Coman , Dr. Dana Leopold, Dr. Dumitrita Rugina,  Dr. Dan Vodnar, Dr. Francisc Dulf, Dr. Mihaela Palela, Dr. Zorita Sconţa

To be contacted at 

Session Organizers

Fragiskos Kolisis (Greece)                        Michal Oren-Shamir (srael)

Antonella Leone (Italy)                             Mariana Sottomayor (Portugal )

Heribert Warzecha (Germany)                Paul D. Fraser (United Kingdom)

Oliver Kayser (Germany)                         Ludger Wessjohann (Germany)


Companies interested to sponsor and participate at the Conference  Exhibition should contact the Conference Secretariat. Sponsors will be announced in the final program and will be invited to all social events of this conference.